Chief Technology officer
Chris Ramsey Jr.

Chris Ramsey Jr. is the CTO & Co-Founder of Alpine Point Media

Creative Roots

Back in the day Chris Ramsey started his creative career early on in his life. He took up skateboarding at the age of ten and quickly was involved in the creative counter-culture soon after. Making videos for local skaters was his main past time through his teenage years. This is where he developed his eye for visual arts that would pay dividends in the future.

Before college Chris had established himself as a natural salesman and leader in his jobs. As a Computer salesman at a large retail chain he doubled the numbers in his department by himself in the highest grossing store in the country. Along with that, he was already into management in the largest grocery store chain in the country. The blue collar work ethic he learned from his early working years was setting the stage for his future pursuits.

Creative and Technical Background

After his first year in college he decided that the military was a better option for his lifestyle and shortly after enlisted as an Avionics Technician. Over the course of his military career not only was he excelling at military obligations but he had developed his own side businesses in his free time. After teaching himself various computer languages he secured a job as an email campaign manager and database admin for a local SaaS Business intelligence company in South Carolina. At the same time he had started shooting photography and videography for many staple outdoor brands in the industry. This combination of jobs taught him the in’s and out’s of influencer marketing, social media advertising, web design, photography/videography, business marketing, and branding.

Present Day

Chris’s present day focus is how to build brands and businesses with his main emphasis on creative directing, content creation, modern advertising, and web development. As a creative director he brings the storytelling and vision to Alpine Point Media. Side by side with Ian, they bring exactly what your business needs in this modern business landscape.