The Spirit Of Giving In Business


As we exit the holiday season, the spirit of giving has been more abundant this year than any other. Whether you give a loved one a gift, money, or even some holiday cheer, everyone benefits from the cyclical nature of giving. The act of giving works in a never-ending cycle of cause and effect. When you give to another with grace and gratitude with no expectation of anything in return intending to create happiness, you will receive tenfold the value of what you have given to another. It can be from the person you intended the gift to be for or even from outside forces. There are many different aspects of the act of giving and receiving that can benefit you not only in your personal life, but also in your business. The laws of karma come into play as well as the important lessons taught by Bob Burg in The Go-Giver. But without the appropriate intent and energy behind your giving and receiving, the cycle of giving will go stale and will cease the exist within your life and your business.

Karma, simply put, is you get back what you put in. This involves not only physically the time, effort, and money you put into your business but also the energy and thoughts as well. I will not go over all twelve laws of karma in extensive detail, yet I will comb over the benefits of the laws when applied to your business. The first law of karma is called “The Great Law.” It states whatever thoughts and energy we put out; we will get back in return. As a business owner the more kindness, knowledge, and extraordinary help we supply to our customers will net us greater returns, whether short term or long term, in revenue and profit. The law of growth coincides with the great law stating as we grow, change, and evolve internally, our external environment will change and grow as a result. There are always new things to learn on your journey to become a trusted business owner which are supplied through personal development, education, and training, yet this is only the half of it. You can learn everything you need to become a successful and trusted business owner, but without implementation of these discoveries you will not reach the never-ending potential that is set out before you. That being said, the law of humility involves accepting what currently exists and admitting you have room to grow as a human and as a business owner. Accepting this is necessary to changing something in your life and in your business. By assessing your current knowledge, you can effectively seek out the proper training and education to propel you and your business to where you always dreamed of being. One area of change and knowledge that could greatly affect your business both in the short and long term is transcribed within the law of giving and hospitality. This law describes the benefit of selflessness. The best referrals come from the customers you helped solve a problem, while sacrificing extra time and expenses to do so. Training, experience, and commitment are gifts to customers that are meant to be shared. We all have value to give and share which will bring in not only repeat customers, but also referred customers because your reputation is a sum of your past actions.

As we dive into the act of giving itself, a great resource of information on the topic comes from a National Bestselling book by Bob Burg called the Go-Giver. In his book he lays out 5 laws of stratospheric success as he implements the laws within a story of an ambitious go-getter named Joe who is, at the start of the book, in a quandary business wise. The laws are in place to prove that to succeed in business you must first give. The first law he explains is the Law of Value which states your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value rather than you take in payment. The focus of you and your business should be on helping people by giving more value than expected by your customers and giving more value than any of your competitors are currently providing. You must forget about the money aspect and invest in yourself and your education, so you have more value to give. Next, he moves on to the Law of Compensation. Bob clarifies that your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. In brief, the more lives you touch the more money you make. Though the number of people you serve is only the half of it. No matter how chaotic everything seems around you, your guest or client must be the single most important person in your life at the time of engagement. This ideal satisfies the second part of the Law of Compensation, how well you serve them. As the book continues, Bob’s third law is the Law of Influence. The Law of Influence declares your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first. This law is a bit complex because it focuses on helping your customers get what they really need, not just what you are selling. You must find ways to connect them to other people and resources, whether it benefits you or not. This lesson is taught to Joe when he is dealing with a project that could make or break his whole year. After being given this lesson and told to implement it into his life, he calls his rival who, he believes, can better serve the account. The cyclical cause and effect of giving and receiving comes into effect later when his rival returns the favor and asks Joe to help on a huge project of his own. This ended up being the biggest deal of his life to-date and helped close the year miles ahead of his previously unreachable sales goal. When you treat everyone like a VIP and place their interest above your own, it is like throwing a rock into a lake, your circle of influences ripples wider and wider. Now on to my personal favorite law of the five. The Law of Authenticity maintains that the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. People are less interested in the system, training, or even product or service you provide, than their perception of what you bring to the table. You must sell yourself, before you sell anything else. People buy you first, then you company, product, or service. It is crucial not to mimic your mentor, who got to where he or she is by being true to themselves and expect to have their same success. The blueprint to being successful is different for every individual person. Being real and true to yourself will lead to attracting customers and clients who will resonate and connect with you. Lastly, The Go-Giver goes over the Law of Receptivity which says the key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. You must allow yourself to be open and willing to receive so the flow of giving is not blocked. The acts of giving and receiving must work in harmony in the same way as breathing in and out does. I would like you to stop reading and try to breathe out without taking a breath in. It can be done but, at some point you need to breathe in to maintain the effortless flow. Breathing in and out work in collaborative movements just as giving and receiving do. One can not work in the totality of its potential without the other, so you must be aware and attempt to fix what holds you back from receiving to obtain the full benefits of the everlasting cycle of giving and receiving.

The best way to start the process of circulation so that it becomes as easy and natural as breathing in and out is to give something to everyone you encounter. It does not have to be materials items, it can be a compliment, prayer, or even just a smile. Some of the most valuable gifts you can give are free and can come in the form of caring, attention, appreciation, and love. You must get out of the habit and thought process that you should receive first before you give. That is an exchange, not giving. If you are giving then you will be receiving, and as you receive more, your ability to give more will also increase. It is as easy as it sounds, but there is a crucial element to keep in mind regarding giving and receiving. The most important factor is the intention behind your giving and receiving. Your intention should always be to create happiness. The return is directly proportional to your own act of giving when its unconditional and from the heart. The energy behind the giving is what matters.

Though there are many laws that play a role in the cycle of giving and receiving, it can all be simplified and narrowed down to a singular action. No matter if you are putting in extra hours after work to meet your clients needs or simply providing a friendly smile to your coworker as you pass them in the hallway, the laws of giving will be working in your favor if you have the right energy and intentions behind your actions. You must implement it and use it properly and let the flow and cycle of giving and receiving run its course to your benefit and the benefit of those you touched and helped along the way. If you only take away one thing from this article it should be that the easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. If you want joy, give joy to others; if you want love, give love; if you ultimately want material affluence, help others to become materially affluent. 

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