Why Your “Google My Business” Page Matters

Google My Business Matters
Why Google my business matters today.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), most business owners understand the basics.  It starts with keywords, crawling, and backlinking with reputable sites but there is much more that can be done in order to accomplish ranking your site at the top of search engines. This is why your “Google My Business” page matters.  Having an online presence is crucial in the modern era of business but simply having a company website just won’t cut it anymore.  While word of mouth with always be a strong way to gain clients, combining that with a Google My Business (GMB) page can compound the traffic needed to remain successful.  Once this page is set up it will allow local shoppers/inquirers to find you much easier than you think as well as leave reviews which are essentially an automated SEO tool!  Below are a few tips to help get started and a few benefits that your business will find when using GMB.

What is Google My Business?

You can think of GMB as a pseudo social media for your company.  It allows you to build a profile, post photos, add business hours, and also allows your customers to leave reviews about your products or services.  You are able to respond to the feedback left as well to stay connected to your audience and the more active you are on GMB the more notice you will garner.  

It is a simple yet powerful tool that adds extra help to your marketing, advertising, and customer service needs all while you are off doing other important daily tasks.

Do I need a Google listing?

The short answer here is YES.  For one thing, it helps expand your online presence by adding as much information you decide to your profile.  With the amount of information on the internet today it is extremely important to not only rank higher in searches, but separate yourself from the crowd.

It helps you make new sales!  Data shows that 18% of consumers that find a business on GMB make a purchase within 24 hours, which shows that this tool is effective.  Often times people are searching for their needs on Google for an immediate interaction in order to fulfill their need, whatever it may be.  GMB helps put you to the forefront of options.

Providing customer service becomes easier when using this resource.  Let’s say that it’s late at night and someone is wondering what your company can offer.  They try calling but it just rings and rings because you are closed for the day. A quick search on Google will bring them to your GMB page and they will then be able to quickly see store hours and information on the services or products you provide.

Quickly gain notoriety.

With 60% of Americans using their cell phones and tablets to shop online, the GMB page uses a quick and effective review process to help boost your local listings and allows you to interact with your customers by way of response.  Reviews are very important, especially online. 88% of customers trust online reviews and studies show that customers are also to post them.  People like sharing their opinions.The option to allow your customers to leave reviews about your company gives them a voice to prove that you are the best at what you do…or the worst.  You can manage which reviews you would like to show and hide any negative ones but it only hides the comment, not the actual rating. This helps make GMB more transparent and allows potential customers to peruse your dealings before making a decision.

Complete the fields!

Just using Google My Business can drastically help, you have to make sure you are using it properly to get the most benefit possible out of it.  Post photos, create videos and highlight where your company excels. Make sure to tag your listings with appropriate descriptions that are specific to what industry you’re in.  Don’t put “Beauty Shop” if you run a “Barber Shop.” Add your correct address and store hours.  Make sure there is a contact page for customers to drop you a line if you’re closed for the day.  And, in my opinion is most important, interact. People love to hear feedback from their reviews and would like to see that you are improving on complaints.

Get started today and take advantage!

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